Having grown up as a kid of the computer game age, naturally I developed a love for technology. This led to much of my free time being spent assisting “technology challenged” individuals, showing them how to use computers and solving IT issues. Although at the time I didn’t think much of it, looking back, those experiences were invaluable because they have made me a very patient, methodical person, with a strong listening ear. They have shaped how I view the interaction and communication between people, computers, software, and interfaces. They gave me a glimpse into how customers of varying technology skill levels relate to an unfamiliar experience as well as how to relay technical information into user-friendly language.

It also seems to have set me up as a “go to” guy for any tech related questions by my friends, family, and peers. It is a compliment to be viewed as a subject matter expert (although truth be told I do turn to my tech guru Google to help me out in a pinch). I enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to blend my creative and technical talents.